Shopify Edit Order is not updated in order history.

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I have recently noticed that when we edit order using Shopify from Shopify admin and remove any item or adjust item's quantity it is not updated in order history page when the customer is logged in. 

If we add any item then it is displayed but when we adjust the quantity or remove any item it is not updated in liquid.


Does anyone face similar issue? 
Let me know how we can resolve this.

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We're seeing the same behavior in the REST Admin API.


When an order is edited where a line item is deleted or quantity decreased, the API still returns the original values.  It looks like what happens in this case is they get "refunded" instead.


Here's a related post about it:

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Yes you are right.

But we uses simple liquid order objects to display order in Customer Account Area.
I feel like Liquid Order object does not contains the refunded items as per their documents here ->

I have contacted with Shopify Technicle support about this and they have said that this is know bug.
We are working on it to resolve.

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Any follow up to this topic?


It seems like a pretty straight forward request. Make it so the customer account page matches what actually happened. 



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Any follow up on this? It's been 2 years since the post and we still experience this very obvious bug.

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still nothing on this?

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Has this not been resolved yet?