shopify facebook extension doesnt install pixel

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dear community,


i unfortunately have a big problem with installing the facebook pixel. ive spend hours already researching, trying different things, talking to experts and talking to the shopify support. however, the facebook shopify extension simply doesn't install it. in neither find the pixel in the facebook ads manager afterwards nor with the facebook pixel helper. there must be a technical issue. when i install it manually via copypasting the pixel code in my shopify code it does work and the facebook pixel helper tool + the ad manager detect the pixel, however, this way the pixel wont be installed in the shopify checkout which is crucial obviously for tracking addtocarts and purchases.

maybe this is due to the fact that ive changed from my shopify instance to a new instance but i dont know. however, ive deleted the pixel on the old shopify instance in all possible way, also in the code. i cannot find a facebook code in the old shopify instance.

also after installing the facebook pixel with the facebook shopify extension on the new shopify instance i cannot find any facebook pixel code in shopify's code at all. so i guess the extension has a bug in this case and simply doesnt install it. this is what you might also see on the attached screenshots which show the installation process:
- screenshot 1: the facebook manager the pixel integration already says "active", however, the pixel is obviously not and it also says "active" even if after i deinstalled it.
- screenshot 2: the pixel is not detected after installing it
- screenshot 3: when i connect my shopify account to meta it also already directly says "active" after a mili-second. i didn't even need to type in my URL and send test traffic (compared to when i try it with a new pixel). also, with the new test pixel the installation of this pixel doesn't work. it doesn't say "active" in this process after i sent test traffic to the website. therefore i conclude that there must be an error with the facebook extension and installing the pixel in my case.
- screenshot 4: you can see the ive set up everything correctly in the facebook shopify app.

PLEASE help asap since i'm already spent hours and i cannot use facebook as an advertising method for my shop since 2 weeks.

thanks and best

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Can anyone hlep me please? This would be much appreciated!

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@OOMAYHome   I have meta pixels working fine with app, no issues. Can you please let me know what issues you are facing now? I am happy to help you.

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