Shopify Flow: Add a Tag to all customers with more or equals three orders

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Hello Shopify Pros,

it is my first time to build a more advance Shopify Flow. I think my problem is in the right snytax for a filter query in shopify flow


this is my flow:

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 00.42.23.png


This is my filter: (probable the issue here)

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 00.46.18.png


Can you tell me how to do it correctly?


I am appreciative of any help


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Hey @HenryAuffahrt!

I believe the problem here is actually that you are using the "Get customer data" action at all, which shouldn't be necessary as the order trigger already includes the data for the associated customer. You should be able to just use the condition for if the order > customer > numberOfOrders is greater than or equal to 3, and then proceed with the rest of the Flow.



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