Shopify gtag "purchase" event is sent wrong destination

Shopify gtag "purchase" event is sent wrong destination

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I am trying to trigger purchase event in Google Ads.


Using the Google & Youtube app, I connected both GA4 and Google Merchent Center to the app and linked my Google Merchent Center to my Google Ads account as well




Every other event seems to working fine but when it comes to purchase event it's doesn't triggers purchase conversion action.


Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 12.57.02.png


and sends event to Google Merchent Center instead of GA4 or Google Ads. 


Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 12.53.59.png


Where i am suspecting this could be the issue


If you guys have any suggestion would be really happy thanks

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Hi where are you seeing the Shopify Channel App in your screenshot? I installed Google & Youtube app recently. But I don't see this Shopify Channel App anywhere in my Google tools.