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Hi There, 


Looking for some advice on adding product options to the product page


Use Case; 

My business model allows customers to choose a product and then select a flavour (approximately 20-30 options, ideally from a dropdown menu). Based on my research, I believe I should implement this using a custom product metafield. The flavour selection does not affect the cost, but other options might.


Secondly, I want to add this metafield to the order page so that my staff can see the flavour the customer has selected. Is this the best approach? Is this even possible with Shopify Hydrogen?



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Hi @ChrisAOC,


Have you considered creating a product customizer? It would allow your customers to see a live preview of their personalization on your product. They will be able to select the flavour they desire and the product image will change depending on their answer. You can add extra prices to the different options you offer. If this is something you're interested in, I recommend trying Kickflip. It's an easy-to-user platform that would enable you to offer that type of experience in no time!


I encourage you to check out this Youtube channel to see the solution in action. You can even try it for free by creating your account here.


When you connect the product to your store, it will create a new product page. In your Shopify order confirmation as well as in Kickflip's order sheets, you will see the options chosen by your clients.


Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

The Kickflip Team