Shopify language and backup problem!

Shopify language and backup problem!

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Hi. I created the main language of my webpage in Finnish, then added English and Swedish with "Translate Adapt". I want to change the main shopify language to English, but I can't export Finnish because it's not in the language list. I've contacted Shopify support many times and nothing has changed. Shopify experts (so-called) do nothing but take up my time.


Tonight I connected to live chat and followed the consultant rules one by one. And what happened, I'm losing the English language (I import before this process), I try to import but I always get an error. I contacted the advisor whose name I think is Sandy, he tried to solve the problem in the background and I don't know what he did but my shipping and marketplace settings are completely lost. I found out about the problem from an email from my customers who tried to place an order but got an error. I contacted Shopify live again and asked for a backup of my website 1 day ago. He said that the problem was because of an app that I never used. I told them that this was not possible because otherwise my other orders would not arrive. He said that I had never used the app problem (a completely ignorant answer) and that I had to make the settings myself again and that the backup was not possible. Don't believe and trust the automatic backup Shopify tells you!!! Now 8 hour nonsleep time and i have more problem. I was very disappointed and now I have to take responsibility for problems I didn't do!!! I don't want to create any more support tickets, is someone can help me about his issue ? Thanks

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