Shopify Order API : New pagination method returns same page_info and gives duplicate results

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Dear Shopify team,

I am currently using order api for admin/api/2021-10/orders.json. I am using latest pagination method, which gives Link in response header.  So I am taking next page based on rel="next" in Link from response header.


Using admin/api/2021-10/orders/count.json, I am getting 2657 results. So I am getting 11 pages. Following links are generated: 23:00:00&created_at_max=2022-07-23 00:00:00&limit=250


If you can check page_info in query string, it shows duplicate random string in few of the urls.

Using these links, I am getting only 250 unique results, rest results are duplicated.


Can anyone tell me, what is going wrong here?

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I am getting the same issue

Shopify Partner
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The response header includes a link to the previous page of results and a link to the next page,


Link: "<https://{shop}{api_version}/products.json?page_info=abcdefg&limit=3>; rel=previous, <https://{shop}{api_version}/products.json?page_info=opqrstu&limit=3>; rel=next"

if response header only includes a link to the previous page, then you've reached the last page of results.

ref: pagination-rest#supported-endpoints