Shopify Overdue Payment Reminder - Loop help

Shopify Overdue Payment Reminder - Loop help

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Hi folks! I hope everyone is well.

I'm attempting to create a looping payment reminder schedule through Shopify Flow which loops daily to remind our customers to pay us when their orders become overdue.


I've created what I believe to be the correct flow, however I'm getting an error at the final stage and I believe it may be because my 'get order data' parameters may be incorrect.

Just to explain, I only want orders that are overdue AND fulfilled (as in, they've received the goods but not paid for them, and their payment is now due).


The code I have inputted into the get order data field is:

"fulfillment_status:fulfilled AND PaymentTerms:overdue"


One final check is that the customer is tagged "Wholesale" (just so this doesn't go to the wrong demographic of customer).


Can someone identify the issue and help out please? Screenshot attached for flow. Thanks in advance!


Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 11.12.17.png


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Hey @UK_Aspire_Vendo , 


Ah yes, now I understand your use-case. Just saw your other post. 😉 I would still suggest our app Kindly - Payment Reminder if I may. Of course it's not free but the first recovered order normally already covers the cost and after that it's money in your pocket without worrying about your flows! And on top of that you have plenty more options, a great dashboard which shows you all unpaid orders in recovery, your successful recoveries and more helpful data. This way you can keep a clear overview of your outstanding invoices which you can't with flows. Aaand according to our customers we offer a super helpful and fast support if you ever need one. We are a small team which makes it easy for us to implement new features if you ever like to suggest any. 



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