Shopify Plus - API Admin - Creating a price list with products using GraphQL

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Hello, I am creating an API that connects my ERP and WMS to my shopify plus. I've done it for years successfully in B2C using REST APIs in Shopify


But now with Shopify Plus I want to synchronize products and prices for my B2B clients, but it has been a bit complicated for me since I have not found a way to assign the products to the price lists. Im able to assging price lists to a location, but I need to put diferent products in each price list.


Currently Im using GraphQL in Shopify plus using graphql lib api admin, I have already been able to synchronize Companies, Locations, List Prices from my ERP to Shopify Plus. But I haven't been able to find how to add products to a List Price. Each customer in b2b may have different prices and will be able to see different products, therefore I need this to be done automatically according to what is changed in the ERP.

I have no problems creating the project, nor connecting it to the ERP, nor do I have problems synchronizing information, what I have problems is knowing if there is a way to assign each client their own product catalog using graphql, since each client has their own prices and products and this changes every month and I have 400 b2b clients.


If anyone has done this before I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you

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