Shopify Prestige Theme - 404 Errors on Product Pages

Shopify Prestige Theme - 404 Errors on Product Pages

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Hey everyone,

I'm encountering a significant issue with my Shopify website running the Prestige 7.3.3 theme. After conducting a site audit using ahrefs, I discovered over 500 errors, primarily stemming from not-found pages (404/4xx Errors). These errors seem to be predominantly affecting product pages.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that many of these problematic links contain "%20". Has anyone else experienced this issue before? If so, I'd greatly appreciate any insights or solutions you might have found.

To give you a clearer picture, here's a screenshot showcasing one of the faulty links from the ahrefs report:





Any advice or assistance on resolving this matter would be immensely helpful. Thanks in advance for your time and support!

Best regards

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Hey Theithei,


"%20" is an identifier and decodes to " "(space), like the spacebar. This usually comes up when searching stuff in a webpage, try google for example.


In Shopify, you can change the URL of your product. That URL will always be in this format:


What happened, maybe, is that when the product's URL got edited, someone added a space in there. Like: A

Which then transforms to(when visiting the page:


So, try checking that product's URL, see if it has a space in there. You can edit the product's URL in the admin.

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