Shopify processes POST request as GET request.

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Hello, we are currently in the process of creating a Shopify store.


To synchronize our inventory from our Lexware merchandise management system, we purchased an interface from OscWare. However, we are encountering an issue when trying to import an item from Lexware to Shopify. OSC-Ware support has looked into the problem and has concluded that our Shopify store processes the received POST request as a GET request. We have already linked the OscWare interface with another Shopify test store of theirs and were able to successfully import the items.


I have attached two screenshots below, with the top one showing the response from our store, and the bottom one showing the response from OscWare's test store for the same request.


Since the regular Shopify support couldn't assist us with the problem,
we were advised to create a post here.


I appreciate any help you can provide



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