Shopify product.json updated_at date field is wrong

Shopify product.json updated_at date field is wrong

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We are having issue with Shopify product.json updated_at date.

When fetch the product details with product.json like{product_name}.json on browser, the updated_at field is always returning current date.
But when I fetch the product detail by using Rest Admin API regarding same product, the updated_at date is correct as expected.

The updated_at date from product.json was correct in the past, maybe a few months ago.
But it is wrong for now and always returning current date even though product did not updated anything from product.json.

In below screenshot, left updated_at date is from product.json and right updated_at date is from RestAPI.
left updated_at date should be same with right correct updated_at date that was from Admin rest api.

I think this issue is related with Shopify platform itself and hope the support consider this issue and update in next patch version.



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We are experiencing the same issue. Did you receive a response from Shopify support?