Shopify product page with more then 3 option? how can we achieve 5 options on the product page?

Shopify product page with more then 3 option? how can we achieve 5 options on the product page?

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how can we achieve 5 options on the product page?

Shopify gives  100 variants for a product. Each product can have up to 3 options

How I Bypass Shopify Variant Limit?

i want to create a product page like that 

Snap -

Product page URL -

Seatcraft Your Choice Equinox _ Power Recline _ Leather Grade 7000.png

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You will need either to use the app or to create one on your own. 
To find the app. just go to the Shopify app store ( ), and search for product customizer. There are various options some should fit your needs

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Hey @Yash_Kickflip allows you to create unlimited product options and variants.

We would be happy to discuss it with you further in a video call. Feel free to book a meeting with someone from our team.


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Hi @Yash_ ,

I've utilized the Easify Product Options app to create custom product options similar to the example you provided. Take a look at the screenshot above to see how effortlessly you can create unlimited options and variants using the app:





One of the great features of the app is the Live Preview, which allows you to set up and preview how your custom options will appear on your storefront. It provides a convenient way to ensure your options are displayed exactly as intended.


The Easify Product Options app offers both a free plan and a free trial for the paid plan, giving you the opportunity to test it out and see if it suits your needs. Rest assured, if you encounter any difficulties during the setup of your options using the app, our support team is available 24/7 via Live Chat to assist you 🤗.

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i want to achieve following variant functionality on product page  



as same doable to with that app.?


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Hi @Yash_ ,


You can create the main category as separate products like given below.

Main category: color

Red - A product can contain 3 heading

Green - 3 heading


Now you can use linkable variant code to link all color styles single place. 


Now your red color product page will have an extra heading named color this way you will have 4 headings in every product repeat the steps to create more than 5 headings.



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