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My store has 5 metafields. All of which have been displayed on the storefront.

But the native search from Shopify can only result in the product title / description, collection or articles.

These metafields include valuable data, is there a way to enable search bar to include those data as well?

Thank you.

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This is an accepted solution.

No. At this point in time Shopify hasn’t exposed metafields to search but there are some search apps that will help.

Now if you have a very small product range you could create your own search tool with Liquid and JavaScript where you loop over all products (let’s say less than 50),check the metafields on each, and then show any that match.

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Yes, I'm kinda aware of the situation.

It's hard waiting for a big platform to go around hoops.

But thank you for not recommending another search app and keep the community focus on solely discussion.