Re: Shopify Section Rendering API not using Section Settings

Shopify Section Rendering API not using Section Settings

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Hi there,

I'm using the Shopify Section rendering API for collections page. in my collection-template for pagination I'm using limit as

{%- assign limit = section.settings.grid | times: section.settings.rows -%}

where my grid=4 and rows =6 so 24 products in total, per page. Next, I'm making AJAX call to load the other pages i.e. 






But during this AJAX call the grid and rows values are reset to 4 and 4 and it's loading 16 products. while the section should take the section's setting values not some default values. From my POV this is a bug in Section rendering API

FYI: I'm only having these settings for default collection no other collection have individual settings.

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Hey @wpconsulate ,
Unfortunately this isn't a bug, but by Shopify design.



You can read more about it here.