Shopify store being flagged by Google Merchant Centre for 'misrepresentation'

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Hello! We're a fairly new business and very new to Shopify. Having done everything we can to build our ecommerce website via Shopify ( and connect our products to Google Shopping, we are being flagged for 'misrepresentation' by Google. The following details are given:


  • Provide transparency about your business identity, business model, policies and how your customers can interact with you
  • Promote your online reputation by showing reviews or highlighting any badges or seals of approval
    Use a professional design for your online store that includes an SSL certificate
  • Provide information in the business information settings in your Merchant Center
  • Follow SEO guidelines, improve your eligibility for seller ratings and match your product data in your Merchant Center with your online store

To the best of our abilities we have addressed all the issues described, but each time we request a review of the issue it is fairly quickly declined again, resulting in a wait of a few days before we can try again.

Has anybody else had this issue? Or are there any commonly missed features that I am missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


- Euan, Thriftie. 

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For example missing business details in the footer of all pages.

For example no contact, shipping links in the footer.


Missing availability status on product landing page.


Checkout is missing contact and shipping links in the footer.


Selling broken products is not allowed, products need to be in functional condition. Reference:


Only new, refurbished or used products can be listed, not broken ones.

I doubt you will get approved.


This is just based on a quick look, so you may have a lot more issues, make sure to check:

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Thank you so much for putting the time into your response! I'll make all the necessary changes and have another go. Thanks again.