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Shopify Store Speed

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Hi! In the reports section of Analytics tab, there's some advice to improve page speed. One of them is, ''Serve the best image to every device, Make sure your theme code uses responsive image techniques and let Shopify do the rest. Our CDN optimizes for quality and latest formats, all you need to do is give us a nice high quality image at its largest resolution.''


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I want to know that how can I use responsive image techniques in my site? Please anyone help me. I don't know how to code. But I can copy and paste it if needed.


My site is:

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Hi, To ensure your images are responsive, you can use Shopify's built-in responsive image functionality. Simply upload high-quality images at their largest resolution, and Shopify's CDN will optimize them for different devices automatically. You don't need to do any coding yourself. Just make sure to provide high-quality images, and Shopify will handle the rest for you.

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Your theme already has the responsive image code enabled. No further action is needed. You can try optimizing images if you want a little more speed.