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For a Shopify website integration, I'm using the Shopify Storefront API.

I can add products and gift cards to the shopping cart and process them without any issues.

However, there's one point that isn't entirely clear to me:


How can I include optional fields when checking out gift cards via the API? What I want to achieve is as follows:

Someone wants to purchase a gift card on the website and give it to someone else. They fill in the 'recipient (email),' message, and choose a variant on the website. For example:



Message: 'Hey, congratulations on your birthday, here's a gift card for your favorite online store, best wishes, Tim' Variant: 25 euros


How do I send these (additional) fields through the Storefront API so that I can use them in the Liquid template used when sending the actual gift card?


Thank you,

Best regards, Koen.

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