Shopify text find and replace solution, workaround or app (product desc, pages, blogs, collections)

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We have thousands of text strings we need to find, review and potentially replace (preferably deciding each one with a preview rather than an automatic bulk change of all matches) after copying part of the elements from one Shopify store to another.


Text applies to product descriptions, blogs, pages and collections.


Example: store 1 said "we sell apples, oranges and potatoes" in a hundred places across each of those kinds of content-- but we'd like store 2 where we imported that content to instead say "we sell pears, plums and carrots" for each of those instances. A dumb example, but hopefully you get the idea.


Do you know of an app or workaround to accomplish what we're seeking-- the Shopify app store yields nothing relevant for searches of "mass text editing", "universal text replacement" or "find and replace".

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