Shopify text find and replace solution, workaround or app (product desc, pages, blogs, collections)

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We have thousands of text strings we need to find, review and potentially replace (preferably deciding each one with a preview rather than an automatic bulk change of all matches) after copying part of the elements from one Shopify store to another.


Text applies to product descriptions, blogs, pages and collections.


Example: store 1 said "we sell apples, oranges and potatoes" in a hundred places across each of those kinds of content-- but we'd like store 2 where we imported that content to instead say "we sell pears, plums and carrots" for each of those instances. A dumb example, but hopefully you get the idea.


Do you know of an app or workaround to accomplish what we're seeking-- the Shopify app store yields nothing relevant for searches of "mass text editing", "universal text replacement" or "find and replace".

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Hey Danny,


I know this is old but I was looking for something similar. Hopefully, you found a solution. If not, I think your best option may be to export all the products to CSV format, open it in Excel, then search and edit the text as needed. Then, import the CSV back into your store to update all the products. Just be sure not to change the "handle" or it will create a new product item instead of updating the current products. 


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Why does shopify have a find and replace that goes away after you click just once? All other IDE's keep it alive so that you can click and review before you replace. I don't want to replace just one and i certainly don't want to do the destructive "replace-all" approach button. I need the jump to the next case option. Not sure why shopify has not updated it to do this basic function. Till then I have to manually copy and paste all changes manually, which I will do, even though it could be so much easier. Maybe there is a way to get it so the box doesn't close itself, I'm not sure how to do that though.

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Hi @Danny_Welsh1  did you ever find a solution for this?

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Nope. The labor cost to accomplish what we wanted was well over $3000 USD.
Could have probably hired someone to design an app to do it automaticallu
for that much.