Shopify Theme Push not pushing theme settings

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I can't seem to make sense of how "shopify theme push" and "shopify theme pull" work in regards to making changes through the Store Editor.


If I make changes to my theme through the Customize area (add a logo, for example), and then run "shopify theme pull", I can see those changes reflected in my local environment when I run "shopify theme serve". 


However, if I run "shopify theme serve" and navigate to the Store Editor link it provides and make changes there (add a section of content for example), I don't know how to get those changes up to my theme.  If I run "shopify theme push", that doesn't push changes, nor does a regular "git push" to the repo.


Not sure if I'm making sense, but I'm confused. 


All in all, how can I make changes in the development Online Editor and get those up to my theme?



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This seems to be a Shopify bug. It is very annoying, when pushing, the theme does not push settings either. I hope Shopify looks into this ASAP, could lose days of work.

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I have just lost so much work due to this. Absolutely nonsensical. How is this not fixed yet? It is very hard to develop; I now have to go to the live theme, change theme settings there, then pull, do local changes, and push. Imagine if you forget where you made changes first. And then do pull/push - very prone to errors and various code conflicts that way. This is a critical bug, to be honest.