Shopify web infected with malware!!!

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Dear Shopify tech support team!

Currently, I am using the website platform on Shopify. Website name is:
Website is working normally. Until Friday, October 15, 2021, I received a notice from Google Ads: "The ad is infected with malware, so the website advertisement is disapproved".
I have checked my site on Google Search Console but there is no malware found. I then emailed Google Ads support to provide the malware code.
Today, I received a malicious code link: donydeal[.]com

As required by Google Ads: "Malicious links must be removed from the site. Please ask the site owner/webmaster to inspect the site for malicious elements and remove them. harmful".
So I would like to ask Shopify technical support team to review and remove that malicious code link for me from the website, so that I can continue to use Shopify's services and products on my side.
After removing the malicious code link, please take a photo of me, ask for the deleted information and send it to email: for me to send to Google Ads for confirmation.
Any help and support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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