Shopiy multi language store to connect with Google analytics

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I have a question regadring setting up tags for google analytics to our shopify store that is on advanced level. I have found some articals regarding this by shopify, but not any artical regarding setting it up for multilanguage stores, such as we have.
I only get one code for all the stores. This is a big issue as all the data get converted to the same analytics view, which results in us not know which data comes from where.

So my company would like to know what the solution to this problem is. So what we need is a seperate code for each domian, so we can have diffrent properties in analytics, and this then makes it possible to feed the correct data to our ad words account.


I was told by the shopify support that a shopify expert in coding would reach out when posting my issue in the forum.

So hope i can get help with this issue.


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