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Show a note/warning on product in checkout

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Using dawn 10.0 theme


Some of my products may ship slower than others so I'd like to show a notice on them in the cart/checkout screens letting people know.  I've managed to find some code online I could add that adds a note on products in the cart when they have a specific tag:

Screenshot_20230802_172439_Firefox Nightly.jpg

I don't know how I can add the same note to the product in the checkout page.  As customers can skip the cart page and go straight to checkout I'd like them to see the notice on products that have the tag the same as it's displayed in the cart.  This is the area in the checkout I'd like the same notice to display:

Screenshot_20230802_172906_Firefox Nightly.jpg

Is it possible to show text under the product title and above the details here when they have a specific tag?

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