Show Automatic Discount Price Without Manually Editing Price/Compare at Price

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I'm having a huge problem: the issue is that Shopify won't allow you to display the automatic discount sale price on the product pages unless you individually change the price/compare at price for each individual listing.  So when I run a 15% automatic sale that applies at checkout, that sale price won't show for each of my listings (with the sale price next to the stricken original price). 


Why hasn't Shopify added a feature to automatically adjust all prices based on your automatic discount price?  This is something you can do on virtually all other platforms, like Etsy, but it's impossible to do on Shopify, because the Products and Engineering team hasn't added this feature.  Why is this the case?

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Discouraging to see no responses to this issue. I feel like it should be one of the more basic features that are included. 

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I have the same issue. Would love to know how to do. We have over 600 items on our shop. We can't change the compare-at-price everytime we have a sale. 😛