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I am using the Dawn theme and I have some custom page templates to show different sub collections within a main collection trough a collection-list. 


So for example I have a main collection 'clothes' and sub collections 'shirt', 'hat', 'pants',... 

Then I have a custom page template to show all the different sub collections trough a collection list and some more info beneath that.

I now want to make this collection list dynamic by using a metafield. I have made a new metafield in pages called 'subcollections' and have it assigned a collection list. Now when I go in the clothes page, I can select which are the subcollections in this metafield. So far all good. 


Now I want to dynamically connect the collection list to the page metafield so that it shows all the subcollections available in the metafield for this page. For some reason this is not working as I thought.. 


I did the same in the collection pages. I have some 'main' collections that have subcollections I want to show when on the collection page. Here this works in the way described above to make the collection list dynamical. 


Does any one know what I could have done wrong or if there is a beter way to do this? 

In short, I want to add a collection-list to a custom page template that is dynamical trough a metafield connected to this particular page. So when I need to change something in the collection-list, I can just edit the according metafield. 

Hope this was clear and makes sense. All advice is welcome!

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