Show different content on same template design

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Dear all,

I want to show different content, depending on which element the user clicks in the left located list ( montsera, kaktus ). Later on I will add more elements for this.

I am struggeling with which would be the best option for this and I came up with the idea. to use a radio button as a section settings with the option values of the elements in the left located list. Than I have a condition based on the selected radio button option which content will be displayed. I want to change the selected option of the radio button when a user clicks on an element in the left located left. On the second image you can see the related code. As by now the way I implemented updating the selcted radio button option isn't working, so maybe someone can give me a solution for that or have another maybe better solution. Unfortunately I can't share the shop url because the shop is password preotected as I am developing it for a customer.


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