Show how x many sold in a day on collection

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I'm looking to add some social proofing to a client's store, and I'd like to show how many of a product was sold in the previous 24 hours.

e.g Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 14.09.30.png


How can I do this with an app or with code + Shopify Flow? Is this possible? 


I've looked at various apps but none of them allow you to add a timeframe, they only show how many have sold in total. 


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@Nataliabrown , Hope you are doing well.


Yes, this is possible. you can do this by adding metafield.  it is easiest way to manage.

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Yes I can show how many in total have sold with a metafield but I can't show how many have been sold within the last day using a metafield.