Showing a custom meta fields in admin order page

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Hello everyone,


I am very new to shopify and would like to have some help regarding the below issue.

I have a custom product meta field Warehouse Location and need to show this field in admin order page. 


I have found some articles that mostly talk about creating a custom meta field and adding it to product page, which is already done. But how how do I make it available/show on the admin order page?


Can someone please provide a beginner guide how to show that field to the admin order page?


I am ready to make code level changes if required.


Please advice.



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I want to do the same thing. Does anyone have a solution for this? I coded two metafields into my prouct order. One called "Last Name, Grade" and the other called "Alternate." We are doing local pickup orders only so I want to use these metafields for fast local pickup because the person who ordered the product is not always going to be the person picking up so I need to view these fields on the admin order overview page. Thank you!