Site Loading Speed very slow

Site Loading Speed very slow

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 We have 2 shopify stores that are very slow loading.

We have uninstalled unused apps and tried to reduce image sizes and it hasn't made any difference. If anything it's getting slower.

Would love some help figuring out what to do next:

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Hello @Fitterfirst  I have checked your one site in google page speed

Mobile/desktop - 34/69





Try to optimize following issues


> Largest Contentful Paint   - Resize image for mobile or provide responsive image
> Reduce JavaScript execution time 
> Reduce unused CSS 
> Largest Contentful Paint image was lazily loaded - Remove lazyload in top banner/slider
> Reduce unused JavaScript
> Properly size images
> Defer offscreen images - Add lazyload images under viewport



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Optimize your images; they are take too much time to load Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 10.16.45.png

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Thank you for sharing the URLs. It’s great that you’ve already uninstalled unused apps and reduced image sizes.

Here are some next steps to help improve the loading speed of your Shopify stores:


  1. Audit with Tools:

    • Use the Shopify Analyzer tool for specific issues.
  2. Optimize Code:

    • Review and optimize your theme’s Liquid code.
  3. Minify CSS/JS:

    • Minify CSS and JavaScript files.
  4. Lazy Loading:

    • Ensure images and videos use lazy loading.
  5. Reduce Third-Party Scripts:

    • Limit third-party scripts and apps to essentials.
  6. Use a CDN:

    • Serve static assets (images, CSS, JS) from a CDN.
  7. Enable Caching:

    • Set up browser caching for static resources.
  8. Optimize Fonts:

    • Load only necessary font weights and styles.
  9. Check Server Response:

    • Monitor and, if needed, upgrade your hosting.
  10. Consult Shopify Expert:

    • Consider a Shopify Expert for detailed optimization.

Re-test your site’s speed after these changes. Feel free to reach out if you need further help.