Site not updating with changes I make in product-form.liquid

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I'm making a really simple change in my product-form.liquid file. I'm changing one <p> from this:


<p class="hidden-medium-up">Choose if you want a framed or unframed print, and how many posters you would like to order.</p>



To this:


<p class="hidden-medium-up">Choose if you want a framed or unframed print</p>



And the change doesn't show! Any ideas on if I need to update something somewhere else as well?


n.b I can make other changes on that page and they show up fine

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Please share Store url and screenshot where this text in live site.

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Hi @mikemickymick ,


It's possible that you have made a mistake in editing the code, perhaps the section that needs editing is being rendered using JS or Liquid, which is causing the plain text editing not to work. Could you grant me access to the store so that I can provide better support for you?

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Hi, yeah that could be the issue. Can you send me a collaborator request please? The store is