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Size changing in cart

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I keep having issue with customer places an order for a specific item in a specific size but the size is changing when you go to view the cart. EX: Customer places an order for M top but when they go to their cart the size shows S.


Any ideas why this would be happening?

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Very likely this is an issue related to Javascript. It's probably not changing when the user chooses a variant. Have you installed any apps that changes the behavior of your product page?

Additionally, please always share your website URL when reporting an issue, otherwise we can't debug it to assist you with accuracy.

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This is currently happening with some of our customers. They are adding items, in say a size large, but the cart is changing to a size Small. I did notice that this is happening to customers when our site location is not shown on their browser. We have multiple sites that are connected (one for US and International orders and one for Canadian orders) and that bar is empty when these issues are occurring. I was not sure if this is because they needed to update their browser or a malfunction of our site.


Here is our direct link to our website: or

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Hello Diego,


I've been experiencing the same issue with my store after I downloaded an app. How could we go about fixing the Javascript?


Thank you!