Size Variants Based on Total Availability

Size Variants Based on Total Availability

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I'm using the Debut theme. My shop is at

I've started offering physical items in my store. These are limited quantity items (specialty/handmade). I purchase a small amount of fabric to make the items and they are not made until they are ordered; so 'made-to-order'.

When using the Size Variant I have to specify how many of each size is available, which doesn't really work for me.

I really need to be able to display/specify the total quantity available, but not based on each size. Rather, allow the customer to select their size, which will affect the total availability.

For instance, if I have enough fabric to make 5 total garments, when a customer selects the "Large" option, then the total quantity becomes 4 available. What I'm saying is that I do not have 5 "Large" available, I have 5 total available.

I've seen that this question has been asked previously, but either there is no response or the response comes with additional coding or to hire a Shopify expert.

Not to be snarky, but the reason I chose Shopify is that I do not know code (and don't want to learn to write it) and I'm POOR! I can't afford to hire someone to do this; that's another reason I chose Shopify.

This seems like such a basic thing to offer 'made-to-order' clients. Especially now that the cottage industry has exploded. My hope is that someone who truly understands this option will reach out.

We're out here hustling just to make a dollar and we don't have time to manage all this email back and forth with customers.

Please Shopify HELP! (the only other option is to find a channel that does offer this option)


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