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Hi there,
We have noticed a couple of bugs with Broadcast theme on our site which we are seeking a speedy resolution on. 
When a customer clicks on our website link in the Instagram app and arrives on our site our slideshow is displaying with an ultra zoom in, which looks bad and is not representative of our site. This is happening on the mobile only (desktop is fine).
Similarly we use privy for our welcome offer. When this pops up on our site and is crossed off by the customer all the font sizes of text on the homepage increases in size. This is only happening on mobile (desktop is fine).
Both issues are only resolved when refreshing the page which is far from ideal and suggests to us there is a bug with the theme. Can anyone help us resolve this? Thanks in advance!
Best Wishes,
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There are some very similar slideshow problems that I faced some months ago in this theme then I took guide fromhere and it helped me to fix that problem.

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I know about this theme and have a very amazing experience with it but if you are facing issue with it then you can seehere this store theme and use it for this purpose its a good choice.