Slow checkout, specially on Android devices

Slow checkout, specially on Android devices

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It seems that there is an issue regarding the checkout speed for Android devices on my website ( Any idea why this could be happening and how to solve that?


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Thank you in advance.




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It seems to happen more often on Samsung and Xiaomi devices, and also more often on Android 12 and 13 (worst than the average, even if it's slightly better than Android 12).

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Hello @FresaBanana,


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There could be several reasons why your Shopify website's checkout speed may be slower on Android devices.

Following are some potential causes and solutions to improve the checkout speed.

1. Mobile-Friendly Checkout
Ensure that your checkout process is optimized for mobile devices. A mobile-friendly checkout process can reduce the loading time and make the checkout process faster. Use a responsive checkout theme and consider using a single-page checkout instead of multiple pages.

2. Image Optimization
Large images can significantly slow down your website's loading time. Optimize your images by compressing them or using a content delivery network (CDN) to reduce the image file size and improve loading speed.

3. Server Speed
Slow server response time can cause slow checkout speeds. Check with your hosting provider to ensure that your website is hosted on a reliable and fast server.

4. Third-Party Apps
Consider removing any unnecessary third-party apps that may be adding additional code and slowing down your website's performance.

5. Redirects
If you have any unnecessary redirects on your website, it could cause slow loading times. Check your website for any redirects and remove them if possible.

6. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Accelerated Mobile Pages is a technology that can significantly improve the loading speed of your website on mobile devices. Consider implementing AMP on your website to improve the checkout speed on Android devices.

By implementing these tips, you can help improve the checkout speed of your Shopify website on Android devices, providing a better user experience for your customers and potentially increasing your conversion rates.

Hope this helps


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Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I don't have control over any of those elements as the checkout is fully hosted and managed by Shopify. 

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Slow checkout speed on your website for Android devices could be due to unoptimized code or heavy scripts. To solve it, optimize website performance by minimizing scripts and ensuring compatibility with Android browsers.