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Snowflake connector with passcode (Python)

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I used to use Snowflake Connector in Python and MFA with Duo Mobile and push notifications without any problems. But after changing my smartphone to a new one, I can only use SMS and call authentification with Duo Mobile.

So now, in order to use Snowflake Connector with SMS authentification (which provides a passcode), I add the "passcode" parameter as I found on the Python connector 

I use the second parameter "passcode": Passcode Parameters

This results in an error:

Error connection BDD Snowflake 250001 (08001) ... Incorrect passcode was specified.

Is it normal that I have to provide a passcode via the connector even if I have not received an SMS? (The passcode in parameter is the last one I received...)

I haven't found a solution to access Snowflake with Python, so if any one has an idea, that would be great.

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