Social Sharing Logo not working properly in Dawn

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Hello. I have some issues with the Social Sharing Logo. I read already dozens of articles and posts here, but couldn't find any working solution. Therefore thank you in advance for helping me.


For my website I use the Shopify Dawn Theme.

In Online Store -> Preferences I added a Social Sharing Logo with the dimensions of 1200px x 628px. The Facebook Debugger shows that everything is as it should be.


When I send the website url via Whatsapp, the logo gets cropped on the sites. On Facebook it looks as it should. On Google SERP the logo gets also cropped as on Whatsapp.


Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thank you.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 09.59.59.png

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Hello, as for the logo being cut off on Google SERP and Whatsapp, you can only fix it by re-aligning the width and height of the image.
I checked with dev tools and found that the logo section on Google SERP is 92x92px.

view - 2023-12-06T142434.454.png

Hope you can fix it and get the result @MikaDubai 

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