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Some FB issues after switching to Shopify Payments (+Multi Currency Feature),

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Ever since I switched to Shopify Payments to allow international customers to checkout in their local currency, my Facebook Pixel has given me a few diagnostics problems. See the following errors:
  • Missing AddToCart Currency Parameter (48% ATC events affected / 8 days since first detected)
    • ji123_0-1614122205210.png


  • Same Event ID Received for Many Event Instances (45 ad sets impacted / 3 min since first detected)
    • ji123_2-1614122259301.png


  • New Domain Sending Data from (17 hours since first detected)
  • ji123_1-1614122232621.png


Please help! I've already reached out to Support team but no answers yet... all my events are firing my Pixel correctly but they do not show up on any of my FB ads. 😞

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