Some SEO Application Ruined my Google results! Please Help!!

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Hi members,

I am completely new to Shopify and installed a couple of SEO apps to make sure that my on-page SEO is correct. I used two applications, Avada and SEO Booster. However, after installing these two I found that my Google result are completely ruined. So far I have uninstalled both the themes but found that there were several Avada codes in several liquid files in the theme. I have manually removed them but am afraid that there are still some codes or files from their end that are causing the issue.

Has someone ever experienced anything like this before?


Is there any way out of this?

Please help!


This is really difficult for anyone to guide you in detail. Because each theme will have a different structure and the app will be able to add any file anywhere.
So please contact the App, they will manage it better than us.
Hope it helps!

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You need to view source of the home page. If there are repeated meta tags, the google search results will be mixed up. Find out which meta tags are added by which SEO app. Remove the SEO app you don't need.

One of the mistakes of Shopify users is adding many seo apps, hoping that more SEO apps leading to better SEO results. Very often, it's only necessary to refer to Google search center for official advices

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