Sorting Website Search Engine Results by Tag

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We are looking for a way to sort our websites search results by tag and inventory levels. For example, when a user goes into our website and uses the search bar to look for "book", we want the provided results to be sorted by a combination of product tags and inventory levels. There are a few apps that can do this, but they appear to be using an embedded search bar that can in theory sort the results to our liking, per their app. After talking to some support reps, it appears that Shopify's "Search and Discovery" app does not support this.


Does anyone know of a way to achieve this via the Shopify default search bar? Or perhaps there is an app that I missed that does in fact tap into the default search bar results? I know there are a few that can do this to the products inside of a collection, but we want the same logic to affect the search results of the default search bar.


Any insight or help would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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