main widget not showing up in Stiletto Theme, Star rating visibility is inconsistent

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I recently upgraded from a very old theme (Impulse 2.0 v 3.5.0) to Stiletto (v 2.2.2). I have been running for a few years and have 700+ review across my site. I downloaded all of my reviews before the theme move just in case.  Now that I'm on the new theme, my reviews are showing inconsistently. Some are perfect, some are showing empty stars but collected # of reviews and some are showing snippet errors. I am also aware of at least 1 case where I have 1 very new review and 0 are showing (but it was showing on old site).


This page demonstrates some of each:, as does the attached screenshot. stiletto issue Stefanie Wolf.png

The 1st, 3rd, and 4th products here is showing incorrectly, the second is showing perfectly and the last (6th product) is showing snippet error.


Apparently the Stiletto theme is "fully integrated with Shopify Reviews App" but I know that SRA is no longer available. It looks like my reviews may be running on metafields, although claims that they "currently recommend avoiding the use of metafields to ensure widgets maintain accurate details". I'm fairly sure that since my former theme was SO OLD, that my site was probably integrating reviews a really old way.


Do I need to uninstall/delete the Shopify ratings app and/or metafields in order to get my reviews to work properly on Stiletto?


Why are some products showing fine and others not?


(the metafields currently in use appear to be, stamped.badge, stamped.reviews_count, and stamped.reviews_average)

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