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Starting up

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Hello everyone,


look I’ll give it to you straight.. there must be some thing wrong with Shopify Australian atm.


I have tried for 4-5 days now to do what everyone says, including Shopify site, to build my company and get it active. But EVERY SINGLE TIME I make progress it seems to not save ( even though I make sure to save multiple times) it continuously reverts me back to the help centre, which is currently down atm I literally can’t access any support by phone, by email, this was my last option.


for some reason my admin page shows 3 stores now just the one I made. Shopify has re asked me multiple times to select a plan (I believe I’ve subscribed to the advance package about 5 times now :((.


i was soooo excited to begin This journey and to be honest I’m so gutted by the experience atm.


I can’t seem to get help, assistance, nothing is working and my store was supposed to go online today.



please help me 




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