Stop ios Auto Scroll when 'input' is clicked

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Hi there,


I added a search bar to this page as an input element:


When you click the search bar on mobile on ios, ios auto-scrolls down to center the search bar (input element). Is there a way to stop that from happening? 


The reason we need to stop the auto-scroll down is that we use an AI search app that takes over when the search bar is clicked, but when it pulls up, it is scrolled down and you can't actually see the search app's search bar (it's at the top but the page has been scrolled down). I have a video attached. Maybe there's another work around too...




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Hi @jacobtajima 

We checked that the search bar was not scrolled down to the middle, but when viewing the site on the phone, when clicking on the input box, the phone automatically jumped to the keyboard to enter text, so the search bar was pushed to the middle.

This part cannot be customized because this is the phone's hardware design. We tried checking on some other phone models and they were all the same as the images in the clip.

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