Store Unfairly Terminated - Please Help Reinstate Access

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I am a legitimate Shopify merchant who had my store unexpectedly terminated without clear reasoning. This came as a complete shock, as I have worked diligently to follow all policies set forth in the Acceptable Use terms since launching my shop.


My registered UK company depends entirely on my Shopify store to conduct online business and serve my customers. Having that revenue stream suddenly cut off has severely impacted my business and livelihood.

I have reviewed the Acceptable Use policy and remain unsure of what clause my store supposedly violated to prompt this permanent disablement. I am absolutely willing to make any necessary adjustments to rectify the issue, but have received no details on that front, making it impossible for me to identify the problem without help.


I depend on Shopify and hope we can resolve this misunderstanding amicably through open communication. My goal is to operate a fully compliant online store providing value to customers. If any changes are required from my end to meet standards, I will happily oblige. I kindly request guidance on reinstatement pathways so I may get back to ethically running my business.


Please help steer me toward the information or department best equipped to re-evaluate my account status. I aim only to continue contributing to the Shopify merchant community properly. Thank you for taking the time to consider my dilemma and point me in the right direction to get this perplexing issue resolved. I genuinely appreciate any advice!

This Is My store : 


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