StoreFront Filtering // Updating a value outside of the firm based on the filtered output

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Hey There,


I am working on trying to get the {{ filter_value.label }} out of the filter




{%- for filter_value in filter.active_values -%}
          {%- assign filter_count = filter_count | plus: 1 -%}
          <a class="filter__active__remove" href="{{ filter_value.url_to_remove }}" data-filter-reset-button>
            {{ filter_value.label }}
            <span class="filter__x">✕</span>
          <script type="text/javascript">
            var filterLabel = "{{ filter_value.label }}";
        {%- endfor -%}




Currently, I am trying to console.log() the output to confirm the logic works, but for some reason I cant get updates on the page after initial load. im assuming this is form so I would have expected it to run the script again after something is selected. 


any ideas? Also, where is the filter active stored? I lookied in localstorage, but couldnt find it. 


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Hello @Chris_Sydney ,


Can you please provide more details about this? Which theme you are using, The store URL, and why do you want to get the {{ filter_value.label }} out of the filter?

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Sorry Its in a sanbox at the moment. 


I want to get that value out of the filter, so I can use it in the header title.


IE: instead of having multiple collections, where a customer needs to navigate to another /collection/X to see different items, I wanted to take them to collections/all and then control the header title and image via the filter.

I only have 4 options that I want to filter against, so really only 4x4. = 16 different header names and images for header image.