Studio theme – PRODUCT CARD in PRODUCT GRID images very poor resolution.

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Hi there, 


Experiencing serious issues with Studio Theme and poor resolution images across the site however absolutely unusable on Product Card in Product Grid cover images. I've optimised for web, been a designer for 15yrs so know what I'm doing but still Shopify turns images into a blurry mess.


Home page and product page images are ok-ish, not great but Product Card in Product Grid images totally unusable.


I've discovered that Shopify aggressively compresses uploaded photos, rendering imagery highly pixelated - regardless of theme. Also that images uploaded natively are stored on Shopify server which is where aggressive compression takes place. Solution suggested was to import them via URL from somewhere else online. Unfortunately Shopify wouldn't accept GDrive, GPhotos or even Flickr, and rendered all URL links invalid.


I don't know what to do. How can I make the images look decent?! Not ideal when you're selling artwork...


Any help would be so gratefully received.

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Hello @Twoodlepip , Can you please share your store URL? It'll be more helpful to help you with this issue.

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