Subject: Urgent Matter: Unjust Charges on my Debit Card by Shopify

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Dear Shopify Support Team,


I'm writing to bring to your attention a concerning issue I have been facing for the second consecutive month. Despite having no active stores, I have been charged $40 on my debit card by Shopify. I have diligently closed all stores on each of my accounts and double-checked their status, only to find no active plans on any of them.


This recurring problem has left me extremely frustrated, as it seems to be affecting not only me but also several others in the Shopify community. I am concerned that this may be a systematic issue intended to boost performance, and I urge Shopify to address and rectify this situation promptly.


It is disheartening to experience such difficulties, and I trust that Shopify values its users and their satisfaction. I request a thorough investigation into this matter and a prompt resolution to ensure that such unauthorized charges do not occur in the future.


Thanks for promply looking into this matter.

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