Subscription app post-purchase portal navigation

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Hey community,


In developing a subscription application, one of Shopify's requirements is as follows:


The subscription app must include navigation to a customer portal, both on the order status page and through a post-purchase email to a merchant's customers so that they're able to manage their subscription.


Could someone guide us on how we can add this link to the post-purchase page? I believe we don't have direct access.


Thank you,


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Hey @SepehrHengam did you manage to do this ?? 

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Hi there,


You can add a javascript using ScriptTag and in your js, add such a code. This will insert a box in the order status page.

if (Shopify.checkout?.customer_id && Shopify.Checkout.hasSellingPlan) {
    `<p>Continue to your account to view and manage your subscriptions. Please use this link ... </p>`