Tag assistant error with google and youtube app

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I'm using "Google and Youtube" app in shopify standard and have integrated - GA4, Google Ads and Merchant store with it. But when I use tag assistant, despite the tags been fired, I see this message inside (screenshot attached).
This Google tag should have been loaded before the gtag('event') command was called. Use an on-page gtag('config') command or a Google tag in Tag Manager to load AW-XXXXXXXXXXX when the page loads.
Since shopify keeps changing its integration and the ways to implement scripts to its pages, didn't want to risk GTM breaking by adding it to the page.

That's why I've left most of the tools with shopify's default integration. Migrating to GTM would lead to most of the events to being tracked manually and its not the effort the client is looking for right now lolCan you guys tell me how to circumvent this situation with tag assistant? Any thoughts to improve this shopify and google marketing tools integration situation?
image.pngP.S: The only script I've integrated to the page is that of Iubenda CMP with auto-blocking. Thanks a lot 


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