Tag order with referral code/id using Shopify Flow

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is it possible to automatically tag an order with the used referral code/ID? 


We want to provide our affiliates referral links like this: www.onlineshop.com/?ref=John123

And after an customer places an order with that link, the referral code will be shown in the conversion details at the admin menu.

We want an automation, if possible with Shopify Flow, which tags the order with the referral code. In this particulary case it would be John123


Does anyone know how to setting up Shopify Flow or if that's even possible?


Thanks alot 🙂


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Hey @MyImpulse this does seem to be possible. You just need to do


- Start When Order Paid

- Check if customerJourneySummary.firstVist.landingPage or customerJourneySummary.lastVisit.LandingPage (I'm not sure which one you would want but one of those) then put in the landing pages that you need tracked.

- Then add a tag the customer based on that.


If you have a lot of affiliate this could get cumbersome but I do believe it is free which is nice. That said, it may be easier to use a Shopify app like Social Snowball or something at some point.


Hope that helps.



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