Text alignment in product pages is always in the center

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I'm currently using the Debutify theme. Every single time when I make a new product page and save it, the text will align automatic to the middle of the page, even if I set it to the left. I want to have the text aligned to the left. Can anyone help me how to fix this?



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Hey @PatrickKelly229


You can change the alignment of the product description on the theme editor > default product > product page.



Scroll until you find options for the product description and change the text alignment to left.



If the product description does not follow the alignment set, please review the description from Shopify's product editor. The alignment set can be overriding the themes, therefore make sure it's the same.



After changing these settings, if the product description continues to align incorrectly, please share with us your store domain for further investigation. 


Thank you for choosing Debutify!
Technical Support Team | Debutify CORP 
Thank you for choosing Debutify!
Technical Support Team | Debutify CORP